An optician is a professional who designs, fits and eventually dispenses lenses for corrective purposes to people who need eyesight correction. An optician who has built a name for himself or herself in the UK must have gained the public trust of being good in helping people recover, correct and even prevent problems in so far as sight matters are concerned.

There are those opticians who are licensed to design, fit and even dispense specialised equipment to correct traumatic and anatomical defects. Sometimes, these specialised opticians offer cosmetic eyesight appliances such as artificial eyes.

There are various appliances and items which are employed by opticians and optometric technicians to help correct the sight of a patient. Such appliances include eye contact lenses, glass lenses, spectacles lenses and ophthalmic prosthetics. The ability to deliver the best services in this medical field lies highly on the qualification and the experience of the optician.

Opticians or optometry personnel can be found in laboratories, hospitals, retail stores, eye sight clinics, and in joint practice firms all over the UK. For a person to be fully qualified to become an optician or to the authorised to diagnose and treat eye sight related issues, one needs to have passed The Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians which is the basic entry qualification. Upon satisfactory completion of this basic level, one is considered as having an equivalent of a (BSc).

Many of the popular opticians and optometry technicians in the UK further pursue the Contact Lenses and Low Vision courses which are considered an equivalent to (MSc).

Knowing a good optician
In the UK, it is quite easy to find the right optician who will tend to your eyes at a favourable price. However, eyes are among the most sensitive body parts that you should only entrust to the very best professionals. This is why you will need to only seek the services of the best optician in your city. When it comes to picking the right eye expert who will help restore your sight or prevent deterioration of the same, here are some of the factors to consider;

The level of qualification – Different opticians have different levels of qualifications both in education and experience. It is advisable that before you book for an eye check-up appointment, you look up the academic qualification as well as the experience the optician or optometrist has.

Generally, the more qualified opticians and optometry technicians in the UK tend to charge more. However, you should note that the high price does not always guarantee top-notch services.

Go for a free eye test – Most eye experts will offer free eye test to first time customers. If you take advantage of this service, you will get a free eye check-up plus a whole load of eye care information. The optician will further recommend remedial further care if need be and all this will be free of charge. With the free service, you can easily choose on the best course of action. Just remember not to be persuaded to go for the cheaper eye care option as this would be risking your eyes’ health.

A great reputation – An optician with an impeccable record will always have an amazing reputation. With the ease at which one can access information online, it becomes easy to know which optician is good at the game. Just as qualifications go, remember that a good reputation tends to attract a higher than average price.

Recommendations from friends and family – Many are the times when we rely on word of mouth marketing. Family members and friends are the best suited people to advise you on the best and the popular opticians around the UK. They will give their recommendations based on how they were treated and how they know you.

The range of services offered – There are those opticians who only offer spectacle lenses while there are those who only offer basic optometry services. In many instances, you will end up spending more money than normal if you go to an expert who only offers a particular service and not the full range of optometry services. Look out for the optician who offers the full range of eye care services because you stand a better chance of getting the best services and at a fairer price there.

Research and new information – As it is with every other profession, optometry demands that the professionals in the industry conduct numerous studies, research projects and keep their minds open to any new information that might help them offer better and quality services to their customers. Given that the eye is one of the most complicated and less understood components of the body, it is of great benefit if an optician keeps their ears and eyes open to any new developments. You will, therefore, find that the best and most popular opticians are affiliated to research centres and established universities.

The reception – When you identify the optician you want to go with, it is necessary that you note the way you are being treated right from the moment you step into the office. The way you are treated on non professional areas serves as a direct reflection of how you will be treated when it comes to the actual business of eye treatment. Moreover, a professional office is most likely to give you personalised eye treatment, which is what you need when it comes to your eyes.

Everyone today has access to the internet, this makes it easy for you to get optician related information within a few moments. For a good eye expert, word gets out of how good they are and this makes it easy for you to find them. The Internet is a sword that cuts both sides. A non professional optician will get a negative review and this word will travel fast and far. Therefore, in today’s overly competitive world, you will easily get the best optician within a short time and without you having to travel or haggle a lot.